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Meredith & Tom's Trip to California

Day 4: Omaha to Denver


Distance: 540 miles
Driving Time: 7 hours, 42 minutes


Day 4. A big driving day for us. We got an early start and split Omaha, NE by 9:45am. I ventured behind the wheel for the first time of the entire trip. Tom pointed out that the speed limit was 75 and we could pretty much do 80 legally. Well, I popped in the Eminem cd and got a little carried away. At one point I looked down and noticed I was driving 95! Needless to say I slowed down (but we made some good time!). The police cars are Cameros...kind of funny. Anyway, we drove and drove and stopped and stopped. As we traveled through CO getting closer and closer to Denver, the sun began to set. The scene was really beautiful. We captured some nice shots with the sun against the snow. By 4:45pm we arrived at Kathy & Doug's place (Tom's sister) in Denver. We spent some time hanging out and visiting with the twins until K&D left for a hockey game. Pat came over and the three of us went out for dinner. It's been great seeing all the Grueskins along the way!

Day 4 Photos