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Meredith & Tom's Trip to California

Day 5: Denver to Glenwood Springs


Distance: 165 miles
Driving Time: 4 hours


Day 5. We had a nice morning hanging around Kathy's house playing with the twins. Tom spent most of the time trying to fix his broken laptop. We both were feeling pretty tired and dreading another day of driving. We decided to make it an easy day and just get across some of Colorado. Driving through the mountains was beautiful, however, the altitude really bothered me and our turkey. We stopped in Vail so Tom could get a haircut and we could introduce Ham to icicles. Earle (Tom's dad) stopped once before in Glenwood Springs and mentioned a nice italian restaurant close by. We followed his advice, and arrived there around 6pm. While we were there, we noticed an amazing hot spring pool. We have a photo, but it may be kind of dark to tell. It was this amazing beyond Olympic size pool with a temperature of 90 degrees w/ an adjacent hot pool w/ a temp of 104. After dinner and A LOT of convincing, Tom managed to get me in the cooler of the two pools. It was amazing, but, the outside air was freezing. I ran from the locker room outside and jumped in! Plus, it was pretty fun seeing us in rented bathing suits - mine being maternity!

Day 5 Photos