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Meredith & Tom's Trip to California

Day 3: Moline to Omaha


Distance: 306 miles
Driving Time: 4 hours, 22 minutes


Day 3. We left Moline, IL and headed to Iowa City to see Zack & Zoe(Tom's brother's kids). Tom was also excited to show me his college campus - Univ of Iowa. We arrived at the Z's house by 12:30 and hung out around the table eating bagels. It was a nice visit but short. We yanked Ham out of the back yard, said goodbye and were back on the road by 2:30. The next stop - Des Moines, IA to see our friends Mike and Laura. We arrived there around 4:15. After dinner and some belly comparison (Laura is due - now!)we were off again, this time to Omaha, NE. We arrived at our hotel by 7:15ish and were greeted by Dennis, North and Bella (Tom's brother and family). Everyone came back to our suite where by far the highlight of the day was watching 1.5 yr old Bella chase Ham around shouting "Woof! Woof!" It was great seeing everyone. Our computer died (temporarily) which explains the delay in postings...

Day 3 Photos