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Meredith & Tom's Trip to California

Day 2: Cleveland to Moline (IL)


Distance: 489 miles
Driving Time: 6 hours, 58 minutes


The day started at Geiger's in Lakewood, OH, getting a luggage rack to create more space for our (mostly my) nest in the backseat. We're getting dangerously close to Grizwald status...The rest of the day was spent with straight driving reaching Moline, IL by about 7pm. We were excited to gain an extra hour. By far the highlight of the day was dinner at The Lodge in Bettendorf, IA, just miles from our hotel. We sat amongst dead, stuffed animal heads nailed to the wall and were serenaded by a pianist with "Stairway to Heaven". Let us not forget our brief stop in Gary, IN about the "hood". The clerk inside the gas station was behind bullet proof glass and there was a nice rat trap in the bathroom. Inside of walking Ham we both agreed he'd make it another 30 miles! We're happy to have an easy day tomorrow - visiting three different sets of friends and family...

Day 2 Photos