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Shopping News! As of July 25TH

Sarah found some great shopping announcements...!

Mables, Baby Mables and Maternity Mables is now open at The Forum!

Janie and Jack (Part of Gymboree Corporation)

Janie and Jack is a baby/toddler clothing store (preemie - 3T)  that is adorable! They are opening at UTC August 6th!

Pottery Barn Kids

PBKids is coming to UTC in September! 


Babystyle is opening a store in Mission Viejo mall in September!



Updated Shopping News ~ As of May 18th!

Shopping Update – by Tina Howard

Baby Clothes
The Children’s Place
If you register online, you will receive discount coupons on a quarterly basis. Last time, it was a 15% coupon on your total purchase within a given time period. This is a generous coupon on top of already reasonable prices on children’s clothing. If you want to buy certain items, it is smart to take advantage of this deal. If you are willing to chance not getting what you want on sale, wait until the coupon expires because the next day the same clothing will be 20% off without the coupon. Remember the store will be picked over by all of those coupon users.

Baby Gap
Baby Gap’s prices are over the top, but the clothing lasts as long as your baby fits it, so it is definitely worth the investment on everyday items and items you think you’ll dress you baby in often. The Gap reduces their merchandise each month. The first markdown ends in a nine, such as $20.99. The next month that items will be reduced to a number ending in eight, such as $18.98 and the following month it will be end in a seven such as $10.97. It is definitely worth it to buy things for when your baby will be older when they are on the third markdown. If they don’t have the size you want in the store, you can order it and have it sent to your house free! So be sure to ask if you really want an item. Buy for the future at Gap.
The online saving are great and once quarterly they offer free shipping on a purchase over $100. The nice thing about Gap is that you can return online orders to the store, so you don’t have to pay shipping to return items. I know that Meredith found some shoes she loves for Birgin on sale and bought sizes for the next couple of years. Smart shopping!

Remember Target! They have so many cute things at very reasonable prices and now carry some name brands like Osh Kosh.

Robinson’s May
Robinson’s May has great sales with extra bonus coupons almost every weekend. Never buy something at regular price there! But if you do, go in on the weekend and get credited back the difference. It will be on sale on the weekend – guaranteed! There are two racks in the Carlsbad store that are almost always marked 80% off the original price. You won’t find the latest fashions necessarily, but it can be great for basics. I found an Osh Kosh outfit for $14 that would have cost $65 at the original price. I also found some jeans for $2.47 this weekend, originally $16. They are very cute with embroidered hearts sewn all over them. I also got a Carter’s purple hooded jacket for $4.00. It’s hit and miss, but worth the stop.

Online Sites that are Fun



The following Shopping News has been provided thanks to Lucy R. Please email her directly should you have any questions. Enjoy!

*Remember, if the information does not appear on your screen, you need to hit the REFRESH button on your computer.


Brace Your Self!

Baby Mabels is coming to the FORUM!!!! Wohoo!

Buy Beech-Nut® and Save $4:

It's easy. Just save 48 proofs of purchase from any Beech-Nut Naturals®, First Advantage® or Table Time® products.Then mail them with this certificate to the address below. You'll get 4 coupons for $1.00 off any 10 Beech-Nut® items.
Visit to print out the mail in form.
Register with and receive monthly coupons to print out via email.

Price Adjustment Policies:

Gap does offer a one-time price adjustment if an item is marked down within 14 days of the invoice date. This does not apply to items purchased online.

Gap Online Ordering – Did you know you can avoid paying shipping for items you want to purchase at Simply work out what you want to order, go to your nearest Gap store, and ask them to order the online items for you. The items are delivered to your home, with no shipping charges! You MUST purchase at least ONE fully priced item online (which can be a little as a pair of socks) in order to get the free shipping. If the items do not fit or you don’t want them, you simply return them to a Gap store for a refund.

Macys honors price adjustment for merchandise that has been reduced within ten days.

Sears and honors price adjustment within 30 days of your purchase. This includes items that are already on sale, and then are further reduced after your purchase.


Are you a Costco member? Did you know that anything sold at Costco with a price tag that ends in a 7, for example $5.97, is a closeout item? Costco uses this method to easily track it’s closeout items on its books. So if you see something you like, but aren’t sure you want it, and it has a 7 at the end of the price, you should know that it won’t be around for long, and they won’t be getting more in any time soon.

Need to return something to Costco, but it’s been a while since you bought it? Did you know that there is no limitation on the return period for items purchased at Costco (with the exception of Desktop and Notebook computers)? Simply take your item back, even if it has been more than a year, with your receipt, and they will refund your money. Perhaps you bought something you thought you would use, but never did. Well, you can always return it if you got it at Costco!

Right Start:

Right Start Stores – for those of you not aware, FAO Swartz received the go ahead last month (December 2003) to sell off the Right Start stores. Zainy Brainy stores were sold to a liquidation company and most have now closed. The Right Start stores were sold to a separate company. This is why you may have noticed that you had until a certain date to use your gift certificates at Right Start stores. The Right Start stores will continue to operate under new ownership.


KBToys filed for Chapter 11 in January 2004. It has not been announced yet what stores will be closing, but SOME, not all, will close. Keep an eye out for a KB store near you as I am sure there will be some sales if the store near you closes.
Right now they merely plan to close some stores and cut some jobs. They hope to be out of bankruptcy by the end of the 2004 holiday season. If not, they will announce further plans at that time.

National/International Phone Service: is a national and international phone service that does not require a connection fee or for you to pay a monthly service fee. My husband and I have been using OneSuite for over a year now and it works great.
For calls around the US it is only 2.5 cents per minute if you use the local OneSuite access number. It is 2.9 cents if you use their 1-800 number. Unlike 10-10-987, or other similar services, there is no 39 cent connection fee. You only pay for the minutes you use.
It is only 2.9 cents a minute to call Australia, 2.5 cents to call Canada, 3.5 cents to call Germany and 2.5 cents to call Spain – ANY TIME of the day or night!
Take a look at to see their rates for the local and 1-800 access numbers to see for yourself.
You pre-pay for your time, and I believe you can pay from $20 to $50 onto your account at a time. You can manage your account online, and still see who you called, for how long, and what it cost. You can even print it out if you want.

Cash Back for Online Purchases:

Do you often buy items online? Would you like to earn money back for those purchases? is a way you can do that. Simply visit and register with them, then find the online retailer you wish to purchase from, through the website, and use their click-through. The percentage you earn back on the price of your goods varies from store to store. Check out for more information on how it works.

Toy ideas:

Little Tikes Activity Garden – available through for $59.95
Fisher Price Peek a Block Wonder Wagon – available through for $28.74. Musical options and a handle to pull that wagon that tucks away underneath.
Fisher Price Musical Finger Paint - $19.99 from most online toy stores. Music plays with the “painting” surface is touched and stops when pressure is released. 9 mths to 2 years.
Little Tikes Buzz About Mailbox - $14.99 on Bee makes buzzing noise, there is a spinning ladybug and a clicking caterpillar. 6 mths – 3 yrs.

Safety Information:

Adhesive cabinet and drawer locks – some mothers were looking for adhesive cabinet and drawer locks for their kitchen/bathroom. These are rare and expensive items. See the following website for more information. You can enter your zip code to find a retailer near you. - Adjustable locking strap for the outside of the cabinet. Has an adhesive mount. Approximately $5.95 for ONE. Adhesive mount cabinet/drawer lock for the inside of a drawer or cabinet. Approximately $6.00 for ONE.