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Mom's Morning Out

Thanks for all the great feedback on Mom's Morning Out. The concensus was that Wednesday was the best day for the majority (sorry to Kim and Laura), time roughly say 9am - 12pm. Perhaps we can add more mornings or switch the mornings if this program takes-off. I have no problem being flexible, but, I will ask one of you to volunteer and help me keep the schedule. It's going to get a little hectic over here once baby comes...

We'll kick-off MMO: soon.

*Two moms should volunteer to babysit
*Four moms can drop their kids off

Please email me your request. First come, first served.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

1) Babysitters: If you should need to cancel, it is your responsiblity to find another mom to cover for you.
2) Moms: Should you need to cancel and not drop your baby off for babysitting, pls give me notice. This way, I can invite the next mom in line to drop her baby off.

Once we have our group for this day, I'll send out a follow-up email asking moms to include instructions/phone numbers etc. in their diaper bag with baby. Moms are also welcome to stop by at any time to see my home. I have a dog but he would be kept separate from the children.

Okay - sign up now!!