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The Chisholm's: Kathy & Doug, and Ryley & Gunnar
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
California Trip - May 2005

...back from vacation and still trying to see what new habits and skills RylEy & Gunnar have picked up. Probably unrelated, but Ryley can now climb out of her crib - so we are trying to scramble and get her toddler bed ready. They are still sharing a room - we have finally decided to add some color to their room (see future blog for photos).

Anyway, we had a great time in California. I was worried that nine days would be too many; I think we could have actually been there longer - there's plenty to do. We made the standard visits to the beach where Ryley made sure we got our cardio workout in chasing her into the waves. A visit to Legoland; definitely the kids favorite, and a visit to Sea World. Gunnar is talking quite a bit more since we arrived in California. I'm afraid he has inherited the 'Grueskin-trait' with a love for cars.

Growing, oh so fast, its hard to imagine that they will be off to preschool this August! RylEy has informed me that she doesnt like small e's and that her name is spelled with a Big E.

Arvada, CO

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