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Bella (early)
Other Older Pics


Bella Rose
Pictures from Bella's first year (or so)

<--- Hanging out at Earle & Joanne's in California, sometime during her first year.


A bit of mischief as she learns to stand.


First Mother's Day
First trip to Calif
May 2002 (on bike)
La Pinata at Birthday #1


June 28, 2001
Time: 5:10pm
Where: St. Luke's Regional Medical Center, Sioux City IA
Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz
Length: 20" long


Reading the mail already

w/Earle at the Zoo, and Joanne in the background [enlarge]

Oh Daddy! I don't like that! (fried matzos)
SITP 2002, with cousin Zoe & Aunt Meredith, and everyone else too

Some Adventures

Grandma Jo and the rhino. Click here for a photo album from their trip to Calif in May (2003).--->


Bella's big trip [photo album


Christmas 2002 (looking a little
like Ralphy's younger sibling
in "A Christmas Story"


Swimming lessons for Bella when she's about 18 months


Bella meets cousin Birgen for the first time in May


1st big spill & boo boo


High KARATE!!!  


First Few Days 
With Grandparents Jim & Laura
With Joanne & Earle
With her mommy as a newborn
All 3 together
A day or two later, Uncle Tom with sleepy Dennis & Bella